Aerobase operates in the high-tech industry and offers interim management and strategic technology management solutions, which will help companies optimize operations and develop an integrated technology strategy for the years to come.

Mission statement: Our value supports your future.

Our broad experience in multiple high-tech markets brings added value to your company and makes it ready for future technology challenges.

Aerobase offers interim solutions in the area’s as described below:

Operational management

•    Efficient execution of non-recurring & recurring programmes.

•    Operating in a R&D or production environment.

•    Controlling and optimizing related financials and subsidies.

•    Management of customer relations, NDA’s & contracts.

•    Driving continuous improvement.

•    Coaching individuals and/or teams.

Corporate strategic technology management

•    Creation of a technology roadmap or strategy.

•    Identification of opportunities for revenue through subsidies and alignment of development partners.

•    Management of project proposals.

•    Development of business cases.

•    Creating and implementing a related organization and exploitation.

When assignments cover both area’s mentioned above simultaneously the added value of Aerobase is even higher. In this case operational improvements, innovation and strategy are directed and implemented by one person and therefore developments are better and faster aligned with the operational need.